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A healthy peaceful world. 


Engagement in empowering practices for collaboration, participatory governance, and unity for healthy communities, organizations, and governments. 

This quote by Marshall McLuhan, Canadian communications educator. "We shape our tools, and there after our tools shape us", sums up the need for social innovation for social change and why my focus is on process design and facilitation as leadership approaches.

Ghandi, Marshall McLuhan, bell hooks, Vandana Shiva, Marshall Ganz, and many others have all tried to teach us the same thing, that we can not expect social change if we continue to work in the same ways based in outdated consciousness and methods.

This suggests the ends must match the means. The way we run meetings, organize, communicate, make decisions, or how we work for change must fit with what we aim to do. For too long we have been using social change methods from colonization and patriarchy that perpetuate systems of dominance and division. Community based methods are the change, they ensure the what and the how mutually reinforce each other and that we can be the change we seek.