DREAM greenMy work as a Change Agent is divided into two main areas:
1-Process design and facilitation - transforming procedures and systems with participatory and collaborative process
2-Social innovation for social change - creating and implementing my social innovation tools
These tools are divided into three themes:
1. The Politics of Unity - beginning with Politics of Unity Principles, then including a variety of tools to build collaboration and solidarity
2. Healing for Change - a focus on exploring and unlearning internalized oppression, privilege and entitlement, and trauma
3. Community As Classroom -  applying experiencial, engaging and empowering process in community for change and learning
The Social Innovation Tools include:
  • Tools that can be used in many settings and contexts 
  • Engaging, experiential learning activities - some can be done in an hour some take a full day
  • Workshops from one to two hours, some are full day - this is a sequence of leaning activities
  • Full courses, like Solidarity is For Everyone, and others in the Services workshops tab 

There are dozens of tools that can be purchased from this site.

Go to the shopping cart to view the tools and resources I have created over years of teaching, developing public policy and programs, political organizing, community development, and advocacy.