marianne_cerilli_biography.jpgMarianne began her career as a health educator in sport, fitness and recreation leadership. After various roles in government, community and education she brings together diverse sector knowledge, community networks and experience to her working partnerships.

Marianne has been a government employee, a high school guidance counsellor, a Member Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, a community development worker, and community organizer, as well as a college instructor and university contract faculty.

The common thread through her diverse work has been the social and ecological determinants of health.  She has evolved from focusing on what makes healthy individuals to what creates healthy organizations, systems and healthy communities.  She can share methods that link individual empowerment with social innovation to transform systems for a more equitable, sustainable and peaceful world. She has developed tools and methods that she can share with you and your group to engage community in participatory governance and social change.

Marianne has degrees from the University of Manitoba, Bachelor Physical Education (now Kinesiology) and Bachelor of Education.  She completed additional graduate course work in education psychology, counselling, and health education.  She has a certificates in Conflict Resolution from Mediation Services, Training for Trainers, Volunteer Management plus other relevant training in stages of change and motivational interviewing, story based strategy, distributive organizing and more. 

She has been inspired and informed by diverse leaders such as Anne Bishop, George Lakey, Judy Rebick, bell hooks, Bill Moyers, Joanna Macey, Paul Born, Saul Alinsky, Vandana Shiva, Jane McAlevey, Dorothy Strachan, Angela Davis, Tony Clarke, Van Jones, Anne Wilson Schaef, Joan Halifax, and others quoted on this site.