I can design workshops specifically for you and your organization, however here are some samples you can choose from. Workshops can be 2 hours to a few days.

  • Conceptualizing Workshops - to help evolve an understanding of strategies and your vision for change.
    • Exploring Social Change and Theories of Change – Filling your toolbox 
    • Understanding Community Development – moving from charity to justice, from division to unity, from inequality to enough for all forever. 
    • Health Transformation and Healthy Communities for Sustainability 
  • Activating Workshops – getting ready to move from thinking to doing
    • Be empowered and engaged – Moving from apathy or outrage to effective, collaborative action
    • Changing Hearts and Minds – exploring world views and social change
    • Build Your People Power - Linking action planning and volunteer engagement 
    • Transforming Meetings – Beyond Roberts Rules - applying CD approaches
    • Building the Love Army - From ally mapping to ally engagement and partnerships
    • Disparity Dialogue and Class in the Classroom – For greater education equity 
    • Participatory Decision Making – Beyond voting to collaboration
  • Caring Workshops – self-care, healing and unlearning limiting patterns 
    • Difference Is Good – Inclusion without conformity, unity in our communities
    • “In it for the long haul” – Inspiration, healthy balance, and self-care
    • Living with Purpose – balance passion with play, and focus with reflection
    • Marginalization is bad for our health – making the case for social inclusion
    • Transforming Trauma – Exploring allyship and embracing our roles as peaceful warriors


Join me for a workshop hosted by CCEDNet Manitoba:

Healing For Change: Trauma-Informed Activism

20 February, 2020

Go to to register.

This workshop follows on the theme of collaborative capacity building and explores trauma informed activism.  Healing for change is a theme in my work that calls us to pay attention to our inner world and inner work as we work in the world in our community.  Whether you are an experienced in working for change or just starting out you will find tools and concepts to become more collaborative and effective by exploring theories of change, collaborative decision making, and sharing power.