Community Development has many strategies and approaches, many tools and techniques. Over the years I have worked in diverse areas like policy research and advocacy, place-based community organizing, asset mobilization and community economic development. Having taught over 25 different post secondary education courses related to capacity building for healthy communities and social change I can help your group link theory and practice for powerful impacts. I see teaching and facilitating as an art of creating learning engagement that begin with a question; how do I support this group of people, to work together, to learn what they need to learn? 

The services I offer include:

Designing and Conceptualizing

Moving from challenges to ideas, vision and action plans

Visioning and Planning

Collective Dreaming and Participatory Planning - using all the brains and experience in groups and communities

Training and Facilitating

Leading engaging, experiential workshops from 1 hour to multi-week training programs

Mentoring and Supporting

Working with new or advancing staff, boards and volunteers to develop CD skills, knowledge, self-confidence, self-efficacy and understanding

Organizing and Developing

Community organizing, worker or volunteer engagement, moving from corporate and charity models to community empowerment models

Writing and Speaking

Columns, poems, articles, essays, guest lecture, guest speaker, host, emcee. 

Offering a session with me as a fundraising event, live or digital, can help your organization build capacity and raise money at the same time. I have many social innovation tools for digital fundraising, such as jeopardy games, participatory poetry, as well as dozens of creative and engaging learning experiences.